Saturday, January 23, 2016

Cosmic Persona Designs collection closes for good

As you can see, this art gallery is closed until further notice. My Chiffonery, Cosmic Lilith, and Sexy-Fun Art drawings are apparently too racy for go^gle even behind an 'adult warning' notice but with children online, it's completely understandable (I'm a mom, too.)

So if you somehow landed here expecting to view a little Art, you may wish to mosey over and browse a few images at FaceBook but be aware that a new page has been published: Strickland Genealogy. Also, my portfolio 'jude cowell' is searchable at Red Bubble if you know your way 'round there!

Plus, you'll most often find me at two spots: my Political Astrology website Stars Over Washington and Neptune's Silver Screen for films, trailers, bios, and horoscopes of Classic Film Stars!

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