Saturday, February 27, 2016

Eclipses - Powerful Turning Points: Barbara Goldsmith - video

Golden Chanterelles (excerpt) by Jude Cowell; pencil on paper; All Rights Reserved.

Feb 27, 2016: our next Solar Eclipse manifests on March 9, 2016 @19Pisces so perhaps some information about eclipses (often called 'wild cards' of the Universe for their quirky Uranian vibes that disrupt, perhaps catalyze conditions, and reveal secrets) is in order so here's a previous Barbara Goldsmith presentation on eclipses in case you missed it:

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That's March 8th in the US.

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Cosmic Persona Designs collection closes for good

As you can see, this art gallery is closed until further notice. My Chiffonery, Cosmic Lilith, and Sexy-Fun Art drawings are apparently too racy for go^gle even behind an 'adult warning' notice but with children online, it's completely understandable (I'm a mom, too.)

So if you somehow landed here expecting to view a little Art, you may wish to mosey over and browse a few images at FaceBook but be aware that a new page has been published: Strickland Genealogy. Also, my portfolio 'jude cowell' is searchable at Red Bubble if you know your way 'round there!

Plus, you'll most often find me at two spots: my Political Astrology website Stars Over Washington and Neptune's Silver Screen for films, trailers, bios, and horoscopes of Classic Film Stars!