Saturday, December 07, 2013

'Genevieve' of the Brooklyn Art Library New York

Genevieve's portrait is the first addition here at Cosmic Persona Designs since August 16, 2012 and it's hard to believe that I've been AWOL from CPD for so many moons. Naturally, you are pardoned for not noticing my absence or a dearth of illustrations!

And while it's true that most of my now-limited online hours have been spent over at Stars Over Washington or on Jude's Threshold (an astrological reference to Saturn as gatekeeper of the Unconscious), 'busy elsewhere' is only poor justification for deserting what is actually my first-ever blog, an art gallery blog, set up in June 2005. Over 8 years ago!

So if you will accept my expression of regret upon this score, perhaps a gander at the following pencil portrait of Genevieve published here might make up for a little of my scandalously lackadaisical neglect of CPD! jc

Genevieve, a previously published colored pencil and pen portrait on white paper (plus, some collaging) by Jude Cowell 2013+. This drawing and others are viewable ~in person~ if you ask to see my Sketchbook Project titled Fractured Fashions 2012 (7" x 5"...tiny!) at the Brooklyn Art Library NYC...why, it would be almost as if you and I were visiting together so please drop by if you should find yourself in the neighborhood and feeling in an art browsing mood!

Oh! And Happy New Year to All if I don't return to CPD before 2014!


Coming Soon: a brand new venue for Jude Cowell Art at Fine Art America! I'm trusting that open spaces will soon appear in my crowded schedule so that an interesting page may be put together for viewers with Dreamyfish Art tropical fish portraits the first illustrations to appear in the gallery, so do float by whenever you can!