Monday, December 12, 2011

Practice drawing for Sketchbook Project 2012?

This weekend I began practice drawing--doodling, really--on white paper since I tend to draw on black paper 99% of the time yet to take part in Arthouse's Sketchbook project due April 30, 2012, sheets of white paper must turn up on my drafting table.

Here you see Genevieve, a simple portrait of what seems to be a rather anxious young lady although this style and theme of subject may not be at all what turns up in my Sketchbook by April!

Genevieve: black gel pen on white paper colored with Prismacolor oil and Rexel Derwent watercolour pencils by Jude Cowell 2011.

Here's info on the 2012 Sketchbook project if you wish to check it out. Fiction is part of it as well, if you don't draw but love to read and write!

And who doesn't, really?

Plus, mosey on over to Red Bubble, an artists' site where I first discovered Arthouse's excellent Sketchbook project...

Sunday, December 04, 2011

'Coco in Fringe Bikini' drawing by Jude Cowell

'Coco in Fringe Bikini' is a digital copy of a pencil drawing by yours truly, Jude Cowell.

Versions of 'Coco' and some of her sexy-fun art friends may be found hanging about my 24/7 Zazzle Art Boutique if you're feeling artfully adventurous!

New Art on-canvas! 'Bellatrix w Orion' by Jude Cowell

A new illustration has arrived and is available on-canvas, as you see!

Not much to see here so you may want to sashay over to my Zazzle Art Boutique for a full view of my latest drawing 'Bellatrix w Orion' or, you may also peek just below for a partial view of Bellatrix lounging about in a cosmic sort of fashion, constellation Orion out the window!

Why, I do believe she's tickling Orion's toe...


A Big Hi! to all my friends at Red Bubble and thanx a bunch for dropping in to Cosmic Persona Designs! Hope slipping beyond Blogger's Adult Content Warning wasn't overly stressful or scary for after all, it's only Art, right?

Relax Y'all,


Friday, August 05, 2011

Chantal by Window (sexy-fun art by Jude Cowell)

Here's a partial view of a new drawing Chantal by Window which I'm publishing today because I just realized it's been since April 2011 that Cosmic Persona Designs has gained a new portrait for its collection!

The primary reason I've been away from this, my very first blog (June 2005!) is that there's been so many events occurring in Washington DC and elsewhere that 90% of my blogging time is taken up with reading Politics, studying horoscopes, and typing articles over at Stars Over Washington which I created in October 2005 to help diffuse frustrations over what I then saw as a fascist direction being forced upon the American people by an allegedly legitimate president. (Even now I loathe typing you-know-whose war-mongering, draft-dodging name.)

Note: SO'W is written in English so you don't have to speak 'astrologese' to read articles there. But a secret desire to peek under the hood of Politics using the lens of Astrology is invaluable for politicians who infest our nation's capital deserve it! And sadly, the 'fascist' direction of the US (of the world) becomes more apparent each day unless we-the-people change it.

So the other 10% of blogging time is divided between my 'tapestry blog' Jude's Threshold (Art, Astrology, Politics, & News), a crazy Sciencey-Poemy blog Woolly Mammoth Chronicles (where I fret rhymily over mammoth cloning & post Science videos & stuff), and my Jude Cowell Art Shop which is hosted by the excellent and is handily open for art browsing 24/7.

Hope you'll think to drop by any of these spots where you'll find me most often on the Web! For you know I'll be missing you until you do... Jude

Monday, April 11, 2011

Who's that lady? Dagmar's Roommate

Dagmar's Roommate, a sexy-fun and fanciful figure study by Jude Cowell.

Check out other images of my pencil drawings as you wish @ my Zazzle Art Shop and it's open 24/7 for browsing!

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Cosmic Persona Designs for March 2011

Since my 10 blogs have all enjoyed March 2011 updates except for Cosmic Persona Designs, one of my Boudoir Blossoms ladies, Almondine, has dropped by to help out!


You'll find more art views available @ Jude Cowell Art Shop and it's 24/7 so do stop by when you can.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

The Return of 'Cassandra's Blessings'!

With all that's going on in the world tonight I feel like a few Cassandra's Blessings, you know?

What to believe, and what not. Being doubted and not seen for who one truly is - the identity and self-worth issues most of us face from day to day, and the search to develop and use one's intuitive faculties even when others advise against doing so...self-belief.

If we must first deceive ourselves before anyone else can do so, then building a sense of self-integrity is paramount for avoiding the selling of one's soul (self), and if accomplished, this leads to successful self-reliance.

In Greek Mythology, Cassandra is the prophetess who tells the truth but no one believes her due to a spell put upon her by Apollo (in one version.) Kind of 'an offer she couldn't refuse' but she refused it anyway (Apollo's advances) and his curse resulted in Cassandra's word and prophecies being doubted from then on. It was a revenge spell, very lowbrow.

Apollo's abuse of power and his pure spite in this matter are not mentioned in the versions I've read, but you know those high and mighty gods! They think themselves so high above us all yet through spite and selfishness they lower their own standards.

Yet to me it seems very seldom that a majority of the global population really wants to know futuristic stuff. Or is it more because, "A hungry man is not a free man" - free and with time to lounge about while considering Mythology-inspired questions...hmmm?


Note: this illustration has been previously published by the artist as, Kassandra's Blessings. And btw, you are invited to read about current and historical events as seen through an astrological lens generously stained with a common good/commonwealth tint (and written in English) @ Stars Over Washington.

Plus, you might wish to visit my WordPress blog, too, if you get a mo to spare. Jude

Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Ever met Blue Bayou Babe?

Though she's visited Cosmic Persona Designs before, Blue Bayou Babe said she wanted to meet you so I told her to drop by and say, Hello!


For 24/7 Art browsing, you are cordially invited to visit Jude Cowell Art Shop at Zazzle (for all ages) and my must be 17+ to view Boudoir Blossoms Art Shop at Cafe Press, if you're ever in the mood.