Friday, December 17, 2010

Art for the cusp of 2011? Gazer Future Past

Gazer Future Past is one of my pencil-on-paper archetypal representations of a seer able to look forward and backward simultaneously which is pretty much what many folks tend to do as one year ends and a New Year begins - and we're almost on the cusp of 2011 now!

You notice the symbol of Chiron on her bracelet - and Chiron says, Be Here Now! That's Pallas' symbol on the gazer's forehead though some think it favors the symbol of Venus. Either works for me.

So please meander over and browse 24/7 at my Jude Cowell Art Shop @ Zazzle where you might find something of interest like art-decorated iPhone and iPad cases, or wall art posters and such - and your kind ratings on items are much appreciated, too!

If you feel so inclined, that is.

Wishing Merry Holidays to All and a Happy New Year! Jude


Note: if you haven't yet, opt to check out my latest blog - it's a science-y/poem-y concoction of news and poems about past and future cloning projects called Woolly Mammoth Chronicles, okay? ;p

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