Thursday, October 28, 2010

Bette Gets Ready!

Bette Gets Ready is one of my fanciful figure studies in the Chiffonery Art series. I like the way the seedy chaise lounge seems to 'droop' echoing the theme of a dancer's drooping stockings!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

But can you hear Niobe's Plea?

This morning as I blog on the decline of the American Empire at Stars Over Washington and on Neptune's ongoing transit to US natal Moon (we-the-people) and its dire influence on US housing and economic systems at Jude's Threshold, I am moved to re-publish my anti-war drawing Niobe's Plea.

As you know, in Astrology and Mythology, asteroid Niobe represents the archetype of the grieving mother. And when the misery of grieving mothers is ignored as innocent people are bombed by imperial governments with the collusion of their hand-maiden puppet governments, we know the Earth is in for a world of woe - and the population control brought by war is one of renegade governments' multitude of demons.

This reminds me of one of my Flower Power Generation's biggest questions in our day of the 1960s and 70s: what would happen if governments started a war and no one showed up? Apparently that's what it would take to stop governments from using us as pawns to fight for what amounts to the power elite's political advantages and resource plundering!

Can you dig it?

Saturday, October 02, 2010

Woot! Cosmic Persona Designs has a Follower!

Amazing that after five years of maintaining this lonely art blog of complimentary art images, CPD has its first Follower! This may not last long, of course, but considering my previous droopy post on the unstable future of this blog of fanciful figure studies, it's much needed encouragement for a semi-starving artist such as myself who likes spreading art around the globe whenever possible.

So perhaps today I shall publish a banner from a brand new drawing...because my drawings are "fun and sexy", as a viewer has now kindly said! (From this you can tell it takes so little improvement to make me happy.)

Introducing 'Gina', whose full portrait may be seen decorating her own 2011 Calendar now available in my Boudoir Blossoms Art Shop so mosey over and check her out, if you may...

Art On, Everyone! Jude


Also, for a full bevy of glamorous ladies, one for each month of the year, you might try my new Cosmic Lilith Art Calendar 2011 as well.