Friday, August 27, 2010

Marnie Mincing (new art!)

Marnie Mincing is a brand new drawing done especially for Cosmic Persona Designs!

But to tell you the truth, I am once again considering abandoning Cosmic Persona Designs for it has no Followers and few folk dare to leave comments which makes it quite an echo chamber in here, yes?

CPD was my first-ever blog of any description which I debuted way back in June 2005. For a blog, Art Gallery or otherwise, that means it's a little gray around the muzzle these days! And the necessary Adult Content Warning it hides behind a la Blogger probably has a bit to do with how few visitors this gallery tends to enjoy.

(Finding a collection of ugly artwork may be the rest.)

Yet I assert once again: no racy photos are allowed here - Relax, It's Only Art, folks! Don't be afraid!

So it is with pleasure that I premiere for you, lone viewer, a new drawing today: Marnie Mincing. It's been a while since I posted a new drawing here and it may as well be quite a while before I do so again, sad to say.

But will I stop perpetrating my color-penciled Chiffonery Art, Boudoir Blossoms, or 'fanciful figure studies'? Not a chance. But if online viewers don't care for them I shall have to keep them all to myself...not my nature, but there it is.

No harm done's been a fun 5 years of the artful kind. For me at least.

After all, I can't always be drawing Children's, Botanical, and Cosmic Art now can I?

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