Saturday, July 03, 2010

Let Freedom Ring: July 4, 2010

This somewhat saucy drawing was perpetrated in 2005 for America's Independence Day that year but I'm not certain it has ever been published. So here it is to ring in our annual celebratory day of freedom, July 4, 2010!

I mean, why not? Politicians and banksters have set everything else in America to splinters, right? And they've used veils covering veils in order to hide their own selfish interests and goals while they run away with our formerly golden goose.

So with this small example of cosmo-erotic art, I publish a veiled protest on America's disastrous course:

Let Freedom Ring!

United States of America
1776 - 2010

Birthday #234 and barely counting...


All Art copyrighted by artist, Jude Cowell 2010+.

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