Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Boudoir Blossoms spinning Art Cube!

Six of my Boudoir Blossoms portraits have shown up on a spinning Art Cube!

Well, they showed up because I put them there. Like the ladies? Use your browser to speed up or twirl the Cube as you wish, and freely link to my Art Cube if you may!

Now how does it make you feel to view the spinning Art Cube? "Oh no, more Boudoir Blossoms...why are they everywhere these days? Put them to rest, Cowell."

Or is there something else bothering you?

Confidentially, the June 8, 2010 Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Uranus @ Aries Point is occurring on my natal Sappho, you know. And Sappho in Astrology indicates Art and Poetry particularly when they are of a feminine nature.

And I'm certain my early Fashion Illustration, Layout, and Design training peeks through each drawing more than one might expect being that my classes were many moons ago and all.

So yes, this SlideShow has been labeled 'Not suitable for all ages'...yet we may all's only Art and fairly harmless Art at that.

You'll find some of these images appearing on Products in my Zazzle Art Shop, if you wish a brief browse.

Art may be soothing for tired eyes and brains, you know!

To view a collection of Children's, Fairy, Moon, Cosmic, and Botanical Art please mosey yourself over to Secret Moon Art as pronto as you can, for there are Cosmic and Flower Art SlideShows in various styles ready to be seen and played with!


This Boudoir Blossoms Art Cube displays 6 fanciful figure studies drawn in pencil by yours truly:

1. Bridget's Red Flower
2. Regina (in orange chiffon bikini)
3. Dahlia (under green lamp)
4. Gertrude's Garter (aka, 'Have You Seen Gertrude's Garter?'; garter with mandala)
5. Frieda's Fuschia Gloves (languishing by the window)
6. Glamorous Glenda (see Glynda's full portrait in red chiffon bra on its own Page listed under Chiffonery Art in the sidebar column @ Jude's Threshold, a tapestry blog blended with strands of Art, Astrology, Politics, Culture, CelebScopes, Wedding Day Astrology Reports on famous couples, News, Financials, and more...

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Jude Cowell said...

Sadly, the non-live presentation here is another example of what resulted when ceased operations. :(

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