Friday, December 11, 2009

A cameo by Cosmea Collyns

A cameo from Cosmea Collyns seemed appropriate since Cosmea's portrait shall soon appear as an Art Poster for your wall, or as a decorative design upon a thousand things...

(Okay, not a thousand exactly.)

So check back early and often for all your artsy gift-giving desires!

Browse Baby Apparel and other items spruced up with my Botanical Fish and Flora, Cosmic, and Moon themed drawings, plus, fanciful figure studies of the Chiffonery Art persuasion @ Jude Cowell Art Shop, Blue Tiger Art for Baby Stuff++, and my Zazzle Storefront, if you wish.

At Zazzle you'll discover a variety of styles and themes available as Greeting Cards, Men's funky neckties, and more.

Yet if ordering hard copies isn't your thing, you may prefer to Download Art images from my Lulu Art Store, a gallery with a variety of images for printing out or for your daily DeskTop enjoyment if you should have such an ancient thing as a pc about the place.

So do drop by when you can...Cosmea will meet you at the Art Shop soon.

Jude 12.11.09 8:01 pm est Friday, Art-Lover Venus' Day

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Jude Cowell said...

Pardon, but I have closed my Lulu Art shop and my Tiger Art shop at Cafe Press. jc