Monday, November 30, 2009

Collette's Toast to your health!

This small peek at a new drawing Collette's Toast is published here with my cordial invitation for you to view her full portrait at my Zazzle Art Shop where Collette's Toast may be ordered as an Art Poster (regular size and Bronze Matt UV print available.)

You may even spy Collette's image adorning a gentleman's Necktie if you snoop around a bit.

While there, feel free to browse my Holiday Gift Specials folder with On Sale designer merchandise for your gift giving requirements. Actually, you look as if you could use a little updating yourself...perhaps a new art poster for your wall, a fresh tote bag for your goodies...something designed with you in mind?

And if you're registered at Zazzle (it's free) please leave a comment and/or a rating for one of my products, if you wish, so I can tell that you've dropped by, okay? And I'll be glad to check out your stuff and reciprocate if you have your own Zazzle Shop for I'd like to see what you're up to these days. You are such an ever-changing chameleon, I've heard. ;p

So...Art On for the Holidays, All! Art On.



Eric Davidson said...

It seems like Knox was never in a good position from a law-defense perspective; in any situation like her's - U.S. courts or not - the defense tends to be underfunded and under-motivated

jude cowell said...

Agreed, Eric, thanks. But not sure why your thoughtful comment belongs here! Jude