Tuesday, September 15, 2009

You have a message from Anima Snakerton!

By the light of the Moon, Anima Snakerton is here to shout out to all those Scorpio folk who have anima difficulties. But never fear - she won't bite!

Drawing by Jude Cowell 2009+
Prismacolor oil and Rexel Derwent watercolour pencils on black paper.

'Black paper' is Scorpio-appropriate, too, yes?


Jess Mendez said...

Hi Jude,

this is a great drawing on black paper. I have been very curious to work with black paper, and I may soon have to purchase some at Blick Art Store....

How are you?


jude cowell said...

Hi Jess (e?,) thanks for viewing and leaving such a kind comment!!

Yes, DO try black paper for i suspect you will like it for its special effects abilities which white paper can never produce.

Funny you mention 'black paper' and 'Dick Blick' - i ordered some from their site just last evening for the 1st x in years...are you psychic? ;p Jude