Thursday, August 06, 2009

Are your Green Eyes Cryin' for the World?

Green Eyes Cryin' for the World has returned to CPD today to emote along with your own green eyes, if they're cryin' for any reason at all...

And, yes. This artist has green eyes, if you're wondering.

Pencil drawing, jude cowell 2009+; all rights reserved.

Plus, my Art Storefront is open for browsing, if you wish...

And you'll find that Children's, Fairy, Botanical, Cosmic, and Moon Art are available at Secret Moon Art, and my latest 'tapestry blog', woven from a variety of threads and themes including Art, is ready for viewing and reading, if you're game...mosey to Two Hours You'll Never Get Back...even though it won't take that long!


Update Dec 14, 2009: drop by my new Art Gallery blog just created called Sepia Art Theater where all Art is sepia-toned and scrumptious Chocolate recipes will soon be on the menu!

Don't you just love warm, rich browns? And they go well with my old favorite, green. Rather a Taurean combination, yes?

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