Friday, April 24, 2009

Posing with Posies: Ruby's Red Flowers

Ruby's Red Flowers, an innocent enough drawing by Jude Cowell 2009+...

...drop by Jude's Storefront for easily downloadable Art images to do with as you wish...a variety of themes are available.

You may also let me know if you'd like a particular image displayed (perhaps temporarily) in my Lulu Storefront.

Friskier designs may be downloadable from a private page only, address to be required.


This post's title includes 'Posing with Posies' which links in motif to my 'Boudoir Blossoms' imprint...'ladies relaxing with flowers somewhere in the picture'...that's pretty much it. Except you can toss in a swath of chiffon or perhaps, velvet.

And there ya are. Relax. It's only Art.


Cowell = Coh'wull...not 'cow' as in moo or Simon. jc 4.24.09 9:30 pm edt

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