Tuesday, May 13, 2008

5 puppy confession

My dark secret revealed...

5 puppy confession drawing by jude cowell (c)2008 cosmic persona designs

But not to fret, for all is forgiven! As *Roberto Assagioli said,

Without forgiveness, life is governed by...an endless cycle of resentment and retribution.

Well, someone needs to impress this pearl of great wisdom upon the sociopaths and social tinkerers who have grasped reins of power all over our globe--toss them all in a ring so they can duke it out amongst themselves along with their clones, 'borgs, and minions.

And may the innocent keep safe from the line of fire.

Yep, let's have a big old pile of warmongerers and profiteers if that's what it takes to wear out their overproductive mojos...contentious Mars and his testosterone. (Impressive? Not very.)

Oh! and admission tickets will be free for all who prefer civilization to chaos, equity to imbalance, peace to war. How's that?

Everyone knows that good will triumph and that all this--the "UFOs" or "aliens," the false prophets, the illusions and deceptions we live with every day--are part of an elaborate scam that's worn out its welcome with many.

Only truth need apply in the New Millennium for it's awfully late in earth's calendar for shell games and profiteering. These can not replace an honest evaluation of where one 'is' and a remembrance that every person ever born, now living, or that will be born of this planet has a true condition before God which isn't what you or I or anyone thinks it is, but what God knows it is. His opinion is the only one that matters "at the end of the day," as politicians are so fond of saying ad nauseum.

And every puppy, as they say, has his day. To cut short another puppy's day is to play God--which is a very dicey perch on which to wobble.

~note: you'll notice the psychological break between 5 puppies and the rents as evidenced by my handwriting (lines 2 to 3.) Anyway, it can be difficult to write without the guidance of lines, can't it?

But it's the slant and the change of it that's revealing!

*Roberto Assagioli, psychologist, Sun Pisces/Moon Virgo, the Water-Earth combo from the Vir/Pisc victim/savior axis. This Sun-Moon personality blend strengthens the analysis/synthesis capabilities, and gives a wide-ranging mind that's good with details, is perceptive and witty.

In this blend, heart and mind may complement one another or clash.

From Sun Sign-Moon Sign, by Chas & Suzi Harvey, the Images for Integration (Sun = male principle; Moon = feminine) for this blend are:

"A mosaic picture of the universe, each piece perfect in itself...Small events bring enormous consequences (see
5 puppy confession, above)...Faith and reason shake hands."

Now there's a great image--Faith and reason--left and right brains--shake hands--work together.

If that were to happen, the world could get somewhere besides the Hades these global criminals have pawned off on us!

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