Sunday, February 03, 2008

Fonda and Friends

Fonda and Friends are here to say they are pleased as punch to announce that their portrait garnered $80 at our local Mental Health Benefit Art Auction last evening!

You may wish to see Minnie's Masquerade which brought $85 by scrolling just below, and please have a peek at Fairy Glen which scored $110 for the cause!

May the healing qualities of Art aid in all the ways it can for this worthy cause which is in a scandalously perilous condition in the USA.


neith said...

YAY!! I'm always thrilled to hear about art sales and I particularly like Fairy Glen - must be all my 12th house stuff . . . :-)

Every time Bush opens his mouth i cringe. However, if i see him coming on the news, i turn the sound off . . . my stomach is too delicate to listen! =evil grin=

Iggi Art said...

Well, I like your stuff! Brilliant, estrange, of exquisite facture... I’m from South America, my work is some dark and funny (it´s rare mixing) if you have time, please visit my gallery on...

jude cowell said...

Thanks, Neith, thanks, Iggy!

Went to see your art, Iggy, it's wonderful...left a comment but am not sure it published (sadly I don't speak Spanish and my French is tres rusty.) But am adding your link to my links list in a jiffy!