Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Rufino Tamayo's 'Tres Personajes' found in trash!

Mexican painter Rufino Tamayo's painting from 1970, Tres Personajes (Three People) was found in a trash bin four years ago by Elizabeth Gibson during her morning stroll around Manhattan's upper west side.

No, the image you see here is not Tamayo's painting but only one of my own drawings of three people: Jasmine, Laly, and Coco, titled, Borrowed Glove Dispute.

Tamayo's Art Masterpiece Found in Trash and is said by Sotheby experts to be from Tamayo's mature period. His mysteriously discarded painting may bring up to $1 million at auction!

Meanwhile Borrowed Glove Dispute is from my struggling-to-be-mature period and I do hope the ladies get their tiff settled amicably!

(c) 2007 by jude cowell

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