Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Layla Lazing behind the curtain

Here you spy Layla Lazing behind the curtain which
isn't hiding her charms very well at all.

Layla is one of the Lazing Sisters--so far we've seen Lana and Lesley, and now Layla.

So here's a friendly heads-up from me: there may be more sisters tucked behind the curtain!

Layla Lazing cordially invites you to drop by my Lulu Storefront for inexpensive, lovely Art Downloads--some from Cosmic Persona Designs.

And a few originated at Secret Moon Art...and one is a botanical fish portrait from Dreamyfish Art--all for your desktop or poster-printing purposes.

Hmmm--wonder if the Lazing Sisters have met the
Fretting Sisters, the Raven Sisters, the Frowse Sisters, or the Pleiades Sisters?

(c)2007 Layla Lazing behind the curtain by jude cowell

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