Sunday, August 12, 2007

Missing Cosmic Art is found!

Today I discovered 5 missing art photos of the sort of larger drawings I was perpetrating way back in 1996.

My plan is to debut them in my Secret Moon Art Gallery and the first image is there now if you'd care to view...title, Clouds Descending Near Turquoise Pond.

What was happening in the heavens in those days? you may ask. Let's consult Astrology for a smidge of insight:

Having Mercury conjunct Mars (dexterity) in the 5th house of Creativity, I can tell you that my visualization ability was expanded by mystical, imaginative Neptune as it joined Mercury (thinking) and Mars (action; initiation.) Both planets are in Capricorn which is ruled by the planet of form, Saturn.

And Neptune is a higher octave of the planet Venus, both of which are associated with art and with artists. My natal chart also has a helpful sextile (60 degr) between Venus and Neptune, an aspect which is quite decent for art perpetration.

So you may see in 2007 one of the drawings which occurred during this long-time-coming transit of Neptune in 1996 by merely clicking on the above! that was 11 years ago already!

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