Sunday, July 01, 2007

a slice of Pandora's Pals

Yes, this is a mere peek at a slice gleaned from a fuller drawing which has no place to be published due to its rather extreme raciness.

It could be published in my Boudoir Blossoms Album at Art & Then Some but that only shows a distilled version for each image. What to do?

If is in harmony with my system now I could publish it in one of my Gather Groups, Art Mavens...we'll see. For now, here are Pandora and her Pals to see you!

UPDATE Aug 25 2007: okay so now I've parked the full view of Pandora's Pals in an old unused draft spot to hide them away from prying eyes...well, from under-17 eyes at least:

Pandora's Pals (in the virtual altogether)

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