Friday, April 20, 2007

Terese and the Girls

Terese and the Girls welcome you to Cosmic Persona Designs! I'm your artist, Jude Cowell, a lifelong renderer and perpetrator of drawings of all sorts.

Limited Edition Color Prints and PostCards are available...scroll just below for ordering details.

And be sure to visit Secret Moon Art for your cosmically-inclined, moonlit images--where fairies sometimes drop in unannounced!

And if you need a few (political) cat limericks (and who doesn't?) mosey over to Lim's Limericks and read a spell and view a few cat photos of fuzzy meow-meows.

Who knew cats could be so political?

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jude cowell said...

Update Nov 30, 2008: no more Limited Editions available but visit my Lulu space for Downloads at:

jude's art storefront if you may!