Saturday, March 10, 2007

Priscilla McNair

Priscilla McNair and the Costume Change(c2007):

You'll notice Priscilla beckoning you to click on PayPal's Donate Now button by making a quick stop at Stars Over Washington if you'd like Priscilla to join your desktop Wallpaper Collection.

The Time is NOW to Start a Collection of Your Own if you don't have one: know it's only $5US for unlimited personal, you'll be the hero of starving artists everywhere--well, of this one--and will be of much cheer as you say mornin' each mornin' to a full view of Miss Pris!

email jude for details and ask about my Pollination Plan where YOU entice a friend into ordering a Wallpaper file
(secure-scanned of course), and garner the reward--$1 OFF your next order.

They, then finding themselves in possession of a Boudoir Blossoms, a Cosmic Persona Designs, Dreamyfish Art--tropical fish portraits in fancilful seas--image onscreen to enjoy with whimsy when they please, are impressed with you for passing on the art opportunity.

And since we're losing our bumbly bees, m'peops, we may as well pollinate art while we still can.

Bring Back Our *Bumbly Bees--Limit Toxic Chemicals in our environment. It's obvious, isn't it?

Psycopaths are running the hive.

Bumbly Bees--we'll be missing them when they're gone zzz-z-z-z-z..z...z....

*"Bumbly Bees" has always been my fanciful name for Honey Bees or any other bee that bumbles or bethinks himself to bumble.

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