Sunday, March 11, 2007

Cosmic Persona in flux

If you've dropped in from a Special Welcome!

Here you see the Full View of the one published at earlier today and I apologize for enticing you over to this gallery...but you know you wouldn't have come otherwise.

Ahoy, Matey! Feelin' Fishy?

Try a drop of Dreamyfish Art now a Link Partner in the Nature & Wildlife category at

<Agora Gallery of Soho and Chelsea NYC.

Thanks, Agora Gallery!

Moonin' Over Someone?

You could use a touch of Secret Moon Art for what ails ya...for it's always darkest before the focus on the higher good and all will be revealed...perhaps some of it at Secret Moon Art.

Bored with Boredom? Ennui!

If you're still feelin' droopy my only suggestion is a frolic with cats-who-blog on politics--yet limericks are not for everyone and neither is shrimp...try Lim's Limericks but don't say we said so.

That's about it unless you want to order an image for your desktop's Wallpaper Collection; $ artist: for details, etc.

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