Saturday, November 11, 2006

Maskarade Charade

Maskarade Charade is a new drawing being perpetrated upon Cosmic Persona Designs.

Rexel Derwent Watercolour pencils and Prismacolor Oil pencils are the enablers.

Contortionary figures dance on paper with mask slippage apparent...

...and transiting Neptune, enabler of masks, veils, and illusions, resides once again at "18 Aquarius" aka the "A man unmasked" degree.

Dane Rudhyar's book, An Astrological Mandala, gives this degree the Keynote:

The difficulty for the modern individual to keep secret his private past or his deeper motives; It may refer to the publicizing of past behavior.

And Dr. Marc Edmund Jones says that this Sabian Symbol speaks of "the human mind's illimitable power for penetrating into the deeper stirrings and underlying motivations of human nature, and of a very modern determination to gain a scientific mastery of every psychological process.

There is a demand that each person make a public accounting of himself whenever the general welfare requires it. Life becomes a laboratory for an immortal curiosity.

Keyword: ANALYSIS...

positive manifestation: a considered self-dedication to greater or more wonderful reasons for being;

negative/unconcious or shadow side manifestation: self-betrayal through exceptional ineptitude." --Dr. Marc Edmund Jones, The Sabian Symbols in Astrology, to be found at as is the Rudhyar version of the Symbols...for our evolutionary edification.


Here's bubbly Shout-Out to Kim at Church of the Old Mermaids where you'll find Found Art and some lovely journaling!


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