Friday, July 07, 2006

Secret Moon Art: 7.7.06

Secret Moon Art debuts tonight...and the target date for the Gallery going LIVE! is the evening of 07.10.06 - in July, a few hours before Full Moon, the culmination phase.

RE-UPDATE Friday 7.14.06: Secret Moon Art now LIVE!!! Ignore paragraph below...

*MONDAY UPDATE: UNBELIEVABLE!! No combo of 'Secret Moon' titles will satisfy so that I can set up the Secret Moon Art blog-art gallery, so I'll need to reconnoiter, art lover. Now back to my post of July 8th with all my happy plans for SECRET MOON ART. Later I'll post: Purple its early phase. And I did say, if all goes well.

Sorry I won't be putting 'Secret Moon Art' online tonight. Am I over my blog limit or somethin'?

7.8.06 cont'd:

You'll be noticing that Moon phases are featured in most of these images. Magic, night, cosmic, the infrequent yet delicate fairy, botanically-drawn plants, flowers, a few spider webs...these various scenes are being put underneath my original imprint of Unscene World.

Secret Moon Art is a Series inside the enigma that is Unscene World...a mere figment of the whole is your Secret Moon. Drawings shall begin in Black-White: Rexel Derwent Watercolours and Prismacolor Oils. Color will be added at some stage--or will it?

And each Series will consist of 3, 5, or 7 panels and will give you a peek at the developing drawing.

Whether you like it or not, you'll be horrified by my color choices, perhaps bemused by my unencumbrature with the mental realm, and occasionally you may even be gratified by my trust in you to give me a Shout-Out if you have any comments or questions.

But WHY the Moon?

Our astrological Moons in our natal charts tell us much about our emotional lives, our dreams, our heredities--remembering the fact that we are each the "flowering of our generations" with talents, abilities...and unconscious behavior patterns we need to jettison in order to progress.

The 'urge to merge' is nestled within the Moon's realm, as is the Unconscious, and our habits from the past which are catching up with us...for they always do!

So...there's more to come in this logo's progress although it is near completion, as you plainly see. You may Bookmark Secret Moon Art to stay up with illustrations of the progressing and hidden Moon and I'd love for you to share and use a favored image--so remember: Attribution is the least you can do for all my hours--nay, years--of work! See Licensing Agreement at top of page.

The rendering you see here is v1 of #1 (logowise) and as such will be completed and published soon as Secret Moon logo #1v2.

Hope you'll mosey back to view finished drawings in the Secret Moon Art Series and get a jump on the next Series, #1 of which is Now Published at SO'W with the second version--the more completed drawing due online in a few days.

Wishing Harmony to All, and an end to psychopaths ruling the world,

Jude Cowell (coh' wull) USA Secret Moon Art 07.08.06 12:30 am edt Sabbath

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