Friday, July 14, 2006

Milly's Costume

At Cosmic Persona Designs, we honor the all-the-world's-a-stage quality of life and we hope you do, too!

If you scroll you'll see posts concerning my disrupted attempt to set up a new art blog: Secret Moon Art. There are examples here, but I shall reconnoiter asap for I'd prefer Secret Moon Art to have its own space separately from Cosmic Persona.

UPDATE Friday 7.14.06: Secret Moon Art now LIVE after all!

You'll also see a Shout-Out to my new blog, Lim's Limericks by A.Cat in which I perform as typist and blogger for this online venture--for I am a friend of a friend of Mr.A.Cat whose service to the nation is little known 'ere this...plumb the mystery at Lim's Limericks by A.Cat.

If you have concerns about this mysterious situation or about Mr.A.Cat's role in the goings-on, please email Jude! forthwith.

And if you mosey around here a bit, you may find the new FREE! Sun-Sign Horoscope Service I have added purely fyi! In IE it's at the bottom of this page so good huntin' to ya! Remember...our Sun sign concerns creative endeavors and matters of personality and will's where we're shiney!


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