Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Gazer Future Past

This is a detail from my drawing which is part of the June issue of LibraMoon's Art and Poetry e-zine, Emerging Visions so go there to see the full drawing--IF you're 17 and over har har.

And if you haven't seen more disturbing images than this by the time you're 17, you're either doing something right OR you're still a happy passenger on the turnip truck of life. Next stop: Emerging Visions! Perhaps you can manage to fall off...

And do check out my friend Jfay's wonderful Candles created fresh for You at Studio 3B where you'll find Candles with Attitude.

Jfay created a Candle for me called 'Poseidon's Candle' which is absolutely the hands-down best candle I've ever purchased in a lifetime of candle-purchasing!

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