Wednesday, July 26, 2006

dream dancers

Dream Dancers....just....Dream Dancers.

Oh and with a little self-editing har har. Perhaps I'll post the entire drawing in my Absolute Arts Portfolio'll find the Portfolio on my Links List.

Scroll down to see more Cosmic Persona drawings, some cool links, and the Cosmic Persona Designs SlideShow now the + to speed it up, Buttercup!

7.26.06 9:36 pm

ps: on a whim, visit Lim's Limericks to hear of the Anchovy Streudel Lim made this evening for our din din...flakey and savory....the secret is... . . .

plus, you may enjoy the idea of Salmon Patties with Sardine Sauce while there's a Cat in a Bubble as recorded by Lim as dictated by A.Cat...and typed/posted by yours truly...friend of Lim, and by extension, of Mr. A.Cat who has served his country as he knew how, and now speaks up on behalf of the common good. jc 11:25 pm edt


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