Saturday, June 24, 2006

Crescent Moon: Stocking Crisis

At Cosmic Persona Designs we have a love of and respect for astrology, so here we see a minor warbrobe malfunction at the Cresent--or crisis--phase of the Moon.

The Crescent grows into the first quarter square or "crisis in action" stage, then the Full Moon occurs which then leads to the last quarter or "crisis in consciousness" stage.'s just a drawing finished today!


Update: Sunday's New Moon (June 25) at "4Can", Sabian Symbol: "A cat arguing with a mouse" has inspired a quite measley political limerick which I type for you here from the developing Lame Limericks Collection:

There once was a cat with a mouse
who chased it all over the House
the mouse couldn't catch
the cat couldn't scratch
and the louse used to be such a souse.

(c) jude cowell 6.24.06

Ah, the state of US politics and politicians...threadbare of ethics, bereft of conscience, and most of them deserving of long long prison terms. Now THAT would be a photo-op worth perusing.

"4Can", from Marc Edmund Jones' The Sabian Symbols in Astrology: JUSTIFICATION...

positive: a gift for persuading others to accept the motives of self and to cooperate with its ends;

negative/shadow side: interminable quarreling with the nature of things.

Sounds like the recent squabblings of Dems and Repubs on the Hill. And the Jupiter/ Saturn square was exact on June 22-->Saturn = Dem Party, Jupiter = Republicans.

Saturn restricts and controls, Jupiter expands and increases...square = blockage, obstacles.

So the squabbles will continue...let's give jolly money-bags Jupiter a few days to get going forward, and we'll see how the vicious Hill quarrels progress--snagged stockings and crooked seams notwithstanding.

But, of course, there's their Fourth of July break to consider. The 109th Congress has put in the least number of work days of any Congress in US history. But I can't figure out if that's a bad thing or a good...?

Monday BULLETIN! ->>EMERGING VISIONS now online Issue #2:

LibraMoon, aka Laurie Corzett, has published her E-zine of Art, Poetry, and Flash's LIVE today! JUNE NEW MOON Issue #2 at Emerging Visions...thanks so much for all your hard work, Laurie--it's looking and reading great!

And check out Laurie's blog LIBRAMOON'S OBSERVATORY at


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