Saturday, May 27, 2006

Babs' Blue Dress

Babs' Blue Dress is a very recent drawing I'm posting today. For some reason, the name "Babs" has always seemed fascinating to me...not sure why............

Anyway, she seems to have a new dress which is apparently, with very little sleuthing you'll soon find the Cosmic Persona Slideshow.

Yet you may read my traditional Welcome! by my favorite "3 Dancers"...Vesta-esque ladies who hang out here at the Cosmic Persona Designs Art Gallery...and for just a little scrolling on your part...down just a little...go on now....

Somewhere on the page, depending on your browser--and whether it's been updated-- you'll find a very cool link to a fantastic Art Gallery, AND there's an ICON for artist Robert Genn's informative, free Newsletter lurking about> The Painter's Keys, a great Directory if you like to keep an eye on what artists are up to these days plus Robert has wonderful articles relating to creativity, the brain, da Vinci, painting techniques, marketing, and so much more.

>>>If you should get a yen for politics + astrology--and who doesn't?--try Stars Over Washington and for sassy tropical fish portraits there's Dreamyfish Art . don't have to go home, but you can't stay here...just kiddin' can stay as long as you like...but if you USE, please credit the artist--Thanks! And let me know if you'd like to trade links...I'd be into that.

-Jude 5.27.06 4:50 pm edt>>>

><>>UPDATE!! June 2: Been working on the problem of the missing Archives List for Cosmic Persona and other issues, so how about using this link to Borrowed Glove Dispute which seems to have more of my archived drawings listed by title Borrowed Glove Dispute so let me know how this blog's treating you, ok?

June 11: STILL working on the problem...I'm pretty much wumped out...


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