Wednesday, March 29, 2006

The Silver Tree

Here's an April 23rd posting of a 1996 drawing which was inspired by an olde verse:

Ashwood green and ashwood brown
are fit for a Queen with a golden crown.
Ashwood wet and ashwood dry
a King may warm his slippers by.

>-->>Ash trees are inseparable from FIRE and they produce the best wood for the hearth, a symbol of Vesta.

:O) Since alchemy cannot take place without FIRE, it is part of the fundamental process in attaining consciousness. The Greek tree of life is represented by an ash tree and so...The Silver Tree. And of course, the FIRE element in Astrology and other systems represents the creative spark.

The usual comment received when this drawing is viewed in person is, "it looks as if a unicorn is about to step out from the forest."

I wouldn't be surprised!

4.23.06 10:35 am edt

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