Tuesday, March 14, 2006

LaRosa at The Mimosa

LaRosa hopes some interesting links may entice, or you may read some text with an Astrological flavor...there's Saturnian, archetypal & transpersonal Astrology spoken here.

From Lilith figures, Pallas, Ceres, Vesta, the Woman of Samaria, and more--all feminine archetypes are welcome at the Cosmic Persona Gallery, and well-worn masks may slip out of place!

Drawings are available as 8"x10" - 8.5"x11" frameable limited edition prints, $40US, plus postage, or you may order images as PostCards...7-pk $15, 10-pk $20US, plus postage. Email for details or to order, and your Comments are welcome: email: Cosmic Persona Designs

>>>>>>>So enjoy your stay, and come back when ya can! And if you're 17+, check out my Absolute Arts Portfolio:

Jude's Absolute Arts Portfolio

Jude Cowell (Coh' wull, not Cow' as in moo-cows or Simon!) 3.15.06 10:35 am est


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