Saturday, January 28, 2006

9 Fems

The number 9 relates to the closing phase of a tenfold cycle of relationship which leads to the threshold of a new realm of consciousness and relatedness.

In Vedic Astrology, a 9th harmonic chart (Navamsa) is used to describe the marriage
relationship, while in the West, it represents the concept of completion, and may certainly be used for relational issues. (You've heard people describe their spouses as "completing" them...perhaps you've done it yourself?)

>><<>>The 9th harmonic chart shows one's capacity for the development of enjoyment, pleasure, peace, and harmony...which would certainly be of value in any marriage.

On a deeper level, the 9th harmonic relates to knowledge, understanding, and truth.

The symbolic implications concern the 40 days and nights of preparation for initiation. (9 x 40 = 360 degrees of a circle.)

>>But these 9 ladies seem to be just standing about...perhaps they're waiting in line to see a matchmaker...?<<<<<

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...9th harmonic info from "Harmonic Charts", by David Hamblin, which I reviewed on Amazon quite a while ago.

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