Sunday, November 20, 2005

Eugenie's Mirror

Well, here's Eugenie primping, and in her hand the mirror of Venus.<<<<<<<<<<

Updates occur quite frequently and sharing images is ok by me, but please credit the artist, and do let me know about it, as I will in return.

Links are appreciated--planning to add more of them myself so link away, if you wish.

Email artist for Color Print, PostCard, and DeskTop WallPaper ordering details:

You may also want to click on the Stars Over Washington for political comments with an astrological--and hopefully a wider--perspective. Have you been wondering how the New World Order is steamrolling along? Then check it out at Stars Over Washington--your serious comments and queries always welcome.

And if you prefer pithy politics with sass and verve--and don't mind a blogging cat or two--visit Lim's Limericks to see what Mr.A.Cat, formerly in service to our nation, has phoned in to Lim, the blogging cat.

-Jude actually Feb 10 2006 5:25 pm est


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