Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Basonge Dance Mask of Kifwebe

And who doesn't love to dance?

><>Neptune's current transit to 18 Aquarius--the Unmasking Degree--seems to be bringing to light some of my mask-related drawings. Follows the Cosmic Persona theme, I'm thinking.

18 AQ+ is opposite the Solar Eclipse degree of 18 Leo+ of August 11, 1999.

That's the one Nostradamus warned about and named the "King of Terror" Eclipse.
Well, apparently he knew things would be 'forever changed' after it--a phrase you've heard a lot in relation to the attacks of 9/11/01. Venus was at 18 Leo+ on 9/11/01 thereby triggering the Eclipse degree. Venus is warlike, y'know...esp when scorned or betrayed!

And we've certainly been seeing a lot of Unmasking going on lately, haven't we?

You can be sure there's more to come...in fact, some astrologers say that Saturn's transit to Eclipse Degree, 18Leo+ (3 hits: Sept '06, March and May '07) will be when bin Laden will be captured or killed. This reluctant astrologer isn't so sure binnie will be the one snared under the moniker, "King of Terror", but we'll see...Saturn--control, restriction--to Venus of 9.11.01...well, maybe so!

>>>>>And, of course, there's the upcoming Solar Eclipse at 18AQ+, the Unmasking Degree, which is opposite the 1999 Eclipse degree: Feb 7 2008, in the 10 North Series:

Frustrating or inhibiting events occur via paperwork, news, or young people. There is a tired, drained feeling, with an emphasis on communications, and difficulties are best worked on one at a time.

This Series initially began April 25, 944 (OS), so if you remember what was going on in 944 ;) you may have an inkling of the theme for early 2008.

Previous years in which this Series occurred: 1917, 1935, 1954, 1972, 1990, >2008<, and 2026.

-jc actually being posted Feb 10 2006 6:51 pm est

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Update Sep 4, 2008:

Check out an artist interview with yours truly at Wandering Educators which features Basonge Dance Mask of Kifwebe and others drawings here!